Why Outsourcing
Outsourcing Testing Companies, and in particular the offshore outsourcing market, is growing by leaps and bounds. When properly executed, offshoring can deliver significant savings for most companies. However, that is not the only reason to engage this model. Offshoring can offer so much more.
Advantages of Offshoring
Faster Time to Market

Especially when used in combination with onshore teams, offshoring can sometimes cut your testing cycle times in half. By utilizing teams across time zones, you can double the effort and efficiency without doubling the cost.

High ROI

The ROI with offshore outsourcing is very high. Labor costs in other areas are significantly lower than in the US, often with the same level of qualifications and education, or higher.

Focus on Core Business

By freeing up internal resources and delegating time-consuming tasks to an outside team, you are free to centralize your focus on core business functions or engage in additional projects.

Global Leverage

Outsourcing puts your company in the midst of an additional global market. Your business will have more access to global resources, knowledgebase, and skills, as well as gain exposure in emerging markets.