Security Testing Services
We live in an online world, and one that is under an ever increasing threat of malicious individuals whose sole purpose is to find weaknesses in web or mobile applications and exploit them for their own gain. The majority of web and mobile applications submitted for security verification do not pass the first time. Even a small breach could cost your company millions in lost business, loss of trust, and lawsuits. A large breach could bring a company to its knees. But you don’t need to face the threat alone.
Understanding the Threat
  • DOS
    These attacks focus on bringing your system to a full halt and preventing your users from accessing it.
  • Injection
    This type of attack uses common data or form fields to access your full database.
  • Authentication
    Attackers can use this attack to exploit passwords, keys, or tokens to gain admin level access.
  • Cross Site Scripting or XSS
    Attackers can use this to execute scripts to hijack user sessions, redirect users to sites with malicious code, or deface your website.
  • Privilege Exploits
    If frameworks and libraries aren’t properly secured, they can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to the system.
  • Functions
    Unsecured server functions can be exploited to damage your system.
  • Direct Objects
    Direct references to objects are easy ways for attackers to gain access to all of your sensitive data.
Security Hardening
Helps to configure your system above and beyond DoD standards by monitoring for and removing any unwanted software and providing an up-to-date professional analysis of your system’s potential weaknesses.
Functional Security Testing
Our team of security experts will analyze the everyday expectations for the end user, create tests to find vulnerabilities that could allow DOS attacks, memory leaks, buffer overflows, SQL Injection, and more.
Identity Management
This uses the latest cryptography to create the most comprehensive authentication protocols and run a full check on any developer added backdoors that may have been left open.
Penetration Testing
Tests your system configuration, architecture, and even your system countermeasures to ensure that hackers cannot find their way in.
Ongoing Monitoring
We use industry standards such as BASEL II and SOX as a foundation for providing you with continual monitoring services you can trust.
Patch Management
Keeps all of your software up-to-date safely and quickly to make sure that vulnerabilities are never revealed.