QA Performance & Capacity Planning Services
If there’s anything that the US healthcare website failure taught those of us in the software development industry, it’s the value of testing. More specifically, the value of performance and stress testing. The government website’s failure was in large part due to its inability to handle the number of users that were on it simultaneously. And the cost of such failure – fortune in taxpayers money. This exact scenario is what QA Mentor’s Performance and Capacity Planning Services were designed to prevent.
Why Use This Service?
  • Growing company
  • Need infrastructure to grow with you
  • Keep wait times low
  • Reduce costs
  • Maintain good business image
  • Increase confidence
So, how do we do it?
Establish benchmarks
Monitor performance
Stress the system
Evaluate Data Returned
Load Testing
Determines optimal load boundaries, failure threshold, and gives extensive performance data
Volume Testing
Focuses on data volume related to concurrent users
Stress Testing
Find the breaking point using abnormally large amounts of users, data, and transactions
Reliability Testing
Determines how long the site can handle a normal load and maintain optimal performance level.