Your website is representative of your unique brand. It’s a tool for your current and potential customers, and as such it should be attractive, impressive, user-friendly, and fast. It also needs to be compatible with an ever-increasing number of mobile devices, and optimized for varied networks and speeds. Users today have short attention spans and even a small glitch can cause them to find another website and company to do business with. Don’t lose customers because of your website!
Our Free website verification testing service offers a usability and aesthetics critique as well as identifying up to 5 defects or issues all at a zero price. You can use this service on an existing website or one you haven’t launched yet. Our experienced Web Site QA Experts will pinpoint holes, gaps, and issues along with identifying enhancements, recommendations, and optimization suggestions in any of following areas:
  • Web Site Functionality
  • Web Site Usability & Navigation
  • Broken Images
  • Broken Links
  • Spelling Mistakes
  • Font Inconsistencies
  • Loading & performance issues
  • Missing tags
  • Slow Pages
  • Browser/OS Compatibility Issues
  • Mobile Compatibility Issues
  • Localization Issues