Comparison Testing
Comparison testing will help to assess how your product performs against your competition. It compares your product’s strengths and weaknesses with other similar software out there. It can be a very good indicator of what sets you apart from your competition, and how useful your product will be its users. In its simplest definition, comparison testing lets you know just how marketable your product actually is. Is your application innovative? Does it have an advantage over its competitors? Comparison testing can tell you that.

Using comparison testing can tell you the weaknesses and strengths of your application, as well as highlight the aspects of it that must be double-checked before its release. It will facilitate your understanding of the design of your competition’s products and help you make better decisions regarding pricing.

Comparison testing can include many areas of evaluation including: functionality, quality, performance, features, usability, help manuals, and security. Some or all of these are reviewed during comparison testing, depending on the criteria most important to the stakeholders. Its main purpose is to make sure your product can compete in its market. Comparison testing can give your business a significant advantage if done correctly.

How we do it
  • Identify your competitors
  • Create benchmark tests based on evaluation criteria
  • Execute tests to establish benchmarks on all software under comparison
  • Provide a report of our results and suggestions
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Benefits to a Customer
  • Allows you to know your competition well
  • Facilitates proper pricing structures
  • Allows for enhancements prior to release
  • Gives an understanding of marketability
  • Identify areas for extensibility